Low testosterone and hair loss

The link between testosterone and hair loss is fascinating but can be misleading. This article aims to help you understand how testosterone affects hair loss, and will provide some alternative solutions. Some studies have reported connections between low testosterone and hair loss. In one study in the 1960s, it was found that males with low testosterone due to castration were more likely to retain their hair. However, although there is a connection between male hormones and hair loss, don’t start popping testosterone pills quite yet.

Tommy Hodges - Owner/Chairman

Tommy Hodges, owner and chairman of Goggin Warehousing

Tommy Hodges knows what it’s like to “sit in the driver’s seat” when it comes to warehousing and trucking. With a humble start to his career in 1965, his "journey" into trucking began on a Dock at Tennessee Carolina Transportation (TCT) as a driver. After two years of military service in Viet Nam, it was right back to the trucking industry with a management position with TCT as a dock supervisor/dispatcher. In 1976, a company change was made and Hodges transitioned to Spector Freight Systems as a salesman.

Since then, Hodges has subsequently held various positions in the transportation industry over the years, from sales manager, terminal manager, all the way to Vice President of Sales, President, and finally Owner. He has worked in the industry virtually all of his working life, and to this day does it because he loves it.

He stays very involved in the trucking industry through several professional organizations. He has served as Chairman of the Tennessee Trucking Association with two separate terms and currently serves as the President of the Tennessee Trucking Foundation. In addition, he currently serves as First Vice Chairman of American Trucking Associations, Chairman of the Chairman's Membership Sub-committee, and Past Chairman of the Small Carrier Committee. He also serves on the executive committee of Southern Motor Carriers (SMC3) in Atlanta GA, is Chairman of the International Warehouse and Logistics Association Insurance Company (IWLAIC), and sits on the Kenco Group, Board of Advisors.

In the community, Hodges serves as an Elder at the Fairlane Church of Christ in Shelbyville, TN and is former Chairman of the Tennessee Children's Home in Spring Hill TN. Business interests include, Chairman of Goggin Warehousing LLC; Chairman of Titan Transfer, Inc.; Chairman of HEC Leasing, Inc; Chairman of IWLAIC Insurance Company (Group Captive Insurance Company), Chairman of Titan Transfer Logistics, Inc.: Chairman of S/M Transportation and Warehousing, Inc.
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